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Houston’s stucco repair specialists, Stucco Repair Houston, are among the city’s finest. We have been leading the way in residential stucco repairs, restoration of EIFS homes, manufactured stone repair, and general stucco home maintenance for decades. We provide precise, detailed estimates to assist you in making an informed decision.

We will provide you with the tools you need to make your decision process simple, knowing that all necessary repairs will be taken care of by a caring team. With us, you will feel confident that all the required repairs are being taken care of by a professional team that really cares about you! Our experienced and skilled team will do everything to make an unpleasant situation as comfortable as possible. We will not stop working until you are satisfied!

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Our Services

Exterior Stucco Painting

EIFS Repair/Replacement

Stucco Inspection

Crack Repair

Roof/Balcony/Exterior Waterproofing

Water Damage Repair

Stucco Repair Houston

Stucco Repair Houston
Houston, TX